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Friday, April 15, 2011

Ifadiyat e Nikah - Dr. Wasiullah Abbas (Cd/Dvd Quality)

Ifadiyat e Nikah
Dr. Wasiullah Abbas
A very knowledge-based series of lectures by eminent Islamic scholars of our time i.e., fazilath ash-shaykh Dr. Wasiullah Abbas, fazilat ash-shaykh Dr. Saeed Madani , fazilat ash-shaykh Abdul Hadi(London) and fazilat ash-shaykh Abdullah Madani hafezhumullah on the topic of the importance of getting married.

This series has been recorded on the occasion of marriage event of br. Abdul Jaleel's elder daughter. The lectures are very short in duration but they are full of gems of knowledge by the rabbaniyoon ulema of our time. A must of every Muslim especially the youngsters who haven't get married.

To view online please click on the download link and if you would like to download the lecture please right click and choose save target as ( for mozilla firefox users, right click and choose save link as)

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