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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nikah Aasan Ya Mushkil? - Badi uz Zamah Madani (Cd/Dvd Quality)

Nikah Aasan Ya Mushkil?
Badi uz Zamah Madani
The first lecture of fazilath ash-shaykh Hafez Mohammed Badi uzzamah Madani hafezhullah is on the topic of NIKAH ASAAN YA MUSHKIL? Everything pertaining to Islamic Marriage has been discussed in depth. Fazilat ash shaykh is serving in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in Thumamah Islamic center as a Daee. He has completed his graduation from Madina university his subject was Quran. He is a very good orator and when he speaks with the knowledge of Quran and Hadeeth then we got no way out except to adopt the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed ﷺ when it comes to getting married.
The Islamic way of performing marriages is explained very clearly and the issues like offering food by the girl side, virtues of getting married, benefits of marrying more than one and the Sunnah way of spending the First Night with the wife, these are the topics which are explained in depth.

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