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Friday, June 17, 2011

The miracle in birds - English Documentary

syed haider (engineer) - 01.05.2010 08:48:23
I have been reading, downloading great stuff from your website since 2000. Recently I watched your interview with Aniq Ahmed or ARY. I had seen that live on TV and was very happy to see this again. Mr. Honorable Harun Yahya, you are one of those who are guided by Allah Subhanhoo Ta'aalah. I have been educating my people around me but when I look at your work, research, dedication, and all that, I pray to Allah for your long life, for your good health, and all of your work, which is an Ebadaat, I pray acceptance of your work to Allah. I read, watch, listen, and wish to be 1% like you. Your webside is a great source of light, knowledge, and best of all the "right path" for people to follow. You have enlightened my heart, and soul. It may have happened as I have always been wondering where the truth is. I am a muslim, and do not want to be because I was born in Syed Shia family, I wanted to be a Muslim by knowing my creator. We cannot understand Him, glorify Him, praise Him unless we acquire Ilm, knowledge. The more we learn the closer we get to know Him. I was 10 years old when I started reading "Al Firqatul Najeyah in Islam", and Nahjul Balagah, and many books from our scholors from Qum, and Iraq. All of that is on one side, and your presentation of the true knowledge is amazing. Sometimes I watch these videos and my heart, and soul dance, sing and praise the Almighty, the most Merciful and Beneficient and tears start rolling down my cheeks. Wow! He is Awsome! Mr. Harun Yahya, I have downloaded many videos, books from your website and give to those who are in search of the truth. May Allah accept your ebadaat and may Aaimha Alaihimus Salat uplift your Toufiqua'at. You are playing a wonderful role in making grounds for the Hujaat of Allah to come and save us all. You are his true SOLDIER. Wassalamo Alaikum wa rahmatullahe wa barakataho. Syed Haider
rajambl (bus) - 30.09.2009 00:04:57
As-salamu-alikum, Thanks sir (Harun Yahya). thanks for every thing. my hope and pray may Allah bless u & ur family. I want to find more bangla works plz . I like your writing verry much. Jazak Allah khair.

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