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Thursday, July 21, 2011

PeaceTV direct satellite to home-Get it Now

As salamu alaikum wr wb.
i have seen many people of hungry getting peacetv on their TV...but they get helpless bcoz of the reasons that cable operator is nonmuslims or biased muslim....even the well known dish service providers doesnt broadcast peacetv and give lame reasons that peacetv is yet not registered...
Now heres the solution..Get your own dish and install it and enjoy number of Islamic Channels and worldwide free Channels
InshaALLAH this will surely help.
I got this info from one of Muslim brother who himself succeeded getting peacetv thru dish and he sent me mail and here it is

'''Good to know that you are interested in getting Peace Tv at home. I am mentioning the check list of things that you will be needing if you already have not purchased dish antenna and the other required things for getting the channel. The whole things cost about Rs.4000 to 4500.

1, Dual polarity LMB (Rs. 240 to 250)

2, cable (thin type, 50m) (depending upon the location of you dish antenna and tv this differ. I also used extra cable for connecting via satellite signal finder for testing signal strength)

3, dish antenna (8 feet) (Rs.1375 to 1400)

4, satellite receiver (Rs.1000 to 2000+) ( you can buy any depending upon your budget, any way make sure that there is option for auto scan)

5, connectors (you might be needing 3 pairs of two ) (Rs 15 to 30) . Make sure that it is suitable for the cable that you buy.

6, satellite signal finder (Rs 450 to 500).

These items would be readily available at your local dealer store.. But since it's a city , it would not be difficult to find a dealer.

i used the following details :

Satellite : Intel Sat 10
(PAS - 10)
Satellite Position : 68.5East
Frequency : 4116, FEC - 3/4
Symbol Rate : 8145
Polarization - Vertical'''

The only difference was the direction rest al the same settings.

Note that when you try tuning for peace tv the other channels that you get in the same directions are AL Jazeere English, Noor tv, INdia tv, K2 tv, Dawn News tv, News 24x7 etc (please note that there might be some differences depending upon your location). If you get any one of these it would seem that you are almost set the dish antenna in the correct direction. After getting any on of these channels try small directional changes of the dish antenna and try. Also please try the angular changes of the LNB (i have angle degree printed on the LNB).

Save the Frequency and Symbol Rate of the above mentioned channels in your satellite receiver and try tuning (please check the link below for frequency and other relevant details of the other channels)


Hope everything goes well. Let me now how things go.



He provided me his mobile number also... if any1 interested temme i will provide but not here bcoz he dont know that im sharing this info and without his permissioncant display his number in public

one more thing...recently i met one brother who works in this dish installing...i talked
to him and he has experienced of setting peacetv and many other islamic channels....Brothers name is Hamid he is from hyderabad and ready to travel and fit the dish. I asked him to come to y city 300 from hyderabad.. he said yes but said make upto 7customers in my city so that his work will get easy and beneficial.
I collected 5-6peoples who are interested inshaALLAH im gonna call brother hamid after a month and gonna fit 6dish ..... if any1 is interested let me know.
JazakhAllah for reading...Salaam wkum

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