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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Difaa e Millat e Ibrahim a.s. - Urdu Books

Difaa e Millat e Ibrahim a.s.

Pages: 57

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  1. اسلام علیکم، یہ کتاب جو آپ نے اپلوڈ کی ہے اس پر مترجم میں میرا نام ہے۔ جبکہ میں نے اس کتاب کا ترجمہ نہیں کیا نہ میرا اس کے مندرجات سے کوئی تعلق ہے۔برائے مہربانی اس پر سے میرا نام ہٹا دیں یا اس جعلسازی کو ختم کریں نہیں تو میں قانونی چارہ جوئی کا حق محفوظ رکھتا ہوں۔ مدثر احمد لودھی۔

  2. Hebrew word Ellohim was taken as Allaha in old Arabic in the time of our Christ Essa (as) then Allaha was taken as Allah in holy Qur'an, through Prophet Muhammad (sawv). Ellohim was also a plural in form of EL, in Hebrew language. Same as Allah is not singular but a plural in form AL / IL. Allah is also called the owner of two groups of mercy { Rehman and Rahim} 2 groups of 6+6=12, then we believe in Allah O Akbar which is taken as 12+7=19 Anwar / Lights….also known as Lights above the Lights (Nourun ela Murien). ALLAH O AKBAR of Arabic is same as Bra' Ellohim" of Hebrew and elder in rank than the Ellohim of Hebrew. Moreover, there is another Ellohi, higher than the Bra ' Ellohim of Hebrew, which is the same as ILAH of Arabic based on numerical sign of 9 being the value of Dot. He is the most High Lord and as well as called Allah ul Eaziem (Allah ul Kabir) elder and higher in rank than Allah O Akbar. Quran has also certified that this most High God is Arham a singular in form of Ar- Rehman or Ar-Rahim. Now you may know that Kabir is elder than Akbar and if there is Akbar than Asgher is also available being younger..It is the law of Arabic language. Therefore, Millate Ibrahim / Monotheism Hebrew was never called believing in one alone God but to believe in 19 Lights as Al-Anwar, and oneness of 19 soluble (tehllilan). The real touheed but not known to the majority of Muslims, Jews and Christians except the few followers of Millate Ibrahim (Monotheism-Hebrew) all over the world. Every Muslim, Jew or a Christian cannot prove from their own Scriptures of God, that they believe in One God. Therefore, it was not true that our Prophet Ibrahim (as) preached to believe in only One God.