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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunan Abu Dawood (Simple Bengali Translation) - Hadith

Sunan Abu Dawood (Simple Bengali Translation)

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Indeed the Book of the Sunan by the noble Imam Abu Dawud, Suleiman bin Ash`ath bin Ishaq bin Bashir bin Shaddad, Al-Azdi, As-Sijistani, who died in the year 275H, is one of the Six Books, and the first of the Four Books, among the most important of those books in which Hadith are compiled. There are many virtues and benefits to this book which resulted in the scholars of Hadith occupying themselves with the knowledge of Hadith since it first became popular, causing it to spread around the world.
Allah has honored IslamiBoi Team in Bangladesh with service in the Book and the Sunnah, and Allah has honored us with the internet publication of the bangla translations of Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim and today, by the grace of Allah, we present the bangla translation of the Book of the Sunan of Imam Abu Dawud, may Allah have mercy upon him.
Total 04 Vol. Set
Our final prayer is that all Praise is due to Allâh, the Lord of the Worlds, and may the peace and blessings of Allâh be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and his Household and Companions.

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