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Friday, November 25, 2011

Alliance and Disavowal in Surah Mumthahinah - English Books

Alliance and Disavowal in Surah Mumthahinah

Author: Dr. Wasim Fathullah | Pages: 51 | Size: 1 MB
"By Allah, if I fasted all day without eating, prayed all night without sleeping, spent all of my wealth in the Path of Allah, died the day I died, but had no love in my heart for those who obey Allah and no hatred in my heart for those who disobey Allah, none of this would benefit me in the least." - 'Abdullah bin 'Umar. The issue of alliance and disavowal (wala’ and bara’) is probably the most important issue of our times when it comes to faith, considering all of its branches, rulings, and implications. And since the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah are our helpers and sources of guidance, it is incumbent upon us to return to them in order to understand the likes of this great concept. I reflected over this great chapter, and I found that it contained the meaning, methodology, and style that fulfill the need of every Muslim today in fully understanding this mighty principle of faith. So, I depended on Allah, and I decided to reflect on and analyze its selected verses to try and derive the major and minor details regarding the issue of wala’ and bara’ therein, especially since it is from the Qur’an that was revealed in Madinah, which is mainly concerned with actively implementing the concepts of the Qur’an revealed in Makkah.

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