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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fazail e Amal Ki Haqeeqat - Tauseef ur Rehman (Cd/Dvd Quality)

Fazail e Amal Ki Haqeeqat
Sheikh Tauseef ur Rehman

A critical analysis of a famous book called "Tableeghi Nisaab" or Fazail e Amaal written by Moulana Zakariya(pioneer of Tableeghi Jamaat). A widely read book in the sub-continent which is full of SHIRK & BIDAAT . Fazilat ash-shaykh Syed Tausif ur Rahman Rashedi exposed the shirk and false beliefs present in the book. This lecture is an eye opener for those muslims who respect this book more than the Noble Quran. The scanned images of the false incidents and deviant ideology and fabricated ahadeeths mentioned in the above said book have been shown during the lecture so that one can cross check and correct his Islam.

This lecture is intended only to correct our Tableeghi brothers and call them to the path of Prophet Mohammed pbuh, by Allah we are not publishing for the sake of any insult to them or to degrade them in any sense. May Allah guide us the right path and help us in falling in Ibleess net Ameen.

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