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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Al-Arabiyatu Bayna Yadayk - English Books

Al-Arabiyatu Bayna Yadayk

This series is designed for the non-Arab speaking, senior level student. With a collection of audiotapes and MP3 CD it helps the student learn Arabic through listening and conversation along with reading and writing. The series stresses communication and also offers glimpses into the Arabic culture, both Islamic and national. Divided into 3 grades, it contains textbooks and workbooks combined in one book. The entire series can be taught intensively in 300 classes (averaging 45 minutes one class,) 100 classes for each grade. If the program is not intensive, it can be taught within a three-year period.
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  1. Can someone tell me where I can download book 1/1 new edition of al arabyah bayna yadayk

  2. I've downloaded all the mp3, but I've seen that they dont cover all the drills that are in the books, the only way to get them, would be to buy, the cds? quite expensive.
    I've worked on the 3 books, trasforming them in a html site, more usefull than the pdf, mainly regardind the use of the sound, with the use of one ebeddeed player that allow to pauese and repeat, and more cutting the pages getting rid of all the frames, in order to have bigger fonts (good for a non arabic student)

    1. Is there any English translation of the book for self learning?

  3. How can I get the English translation of the Textbooks?